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By Aristophanes
Time: 410 B.C.    Place: Ancient Athens

(In order of appearance)
LYSISTRATA  [[multiple dots]]  Miriam Walker
OLD WOMAN   [[multiple dots]]  Elizabeth White
CALONICE (Kalonika) [[multiple dots]] Olive Bowles
MYRRHINE (Myrrhina) [[multiple dots]] Genevieve McClane
LAMPITO  [[multiple dots]]  Mary Mills
ATHIS   [[multiple dots]] Marilyn White
OLD MAN  [[multiple dots]] Lincoln Pope
MAGISTRATE  [[multiple dots]]   Leon Van Hatten
CINESIAS (Kinesias) [[multiple dots]] Walter Brown
LACONIAN  [[multiple dots]]  Warren McClane

Adapted by Dorothy West and Marion Minus
Women's costumes conceived and executed by
Daphne Mouchett and Olive Bowles
Men's costumes by Grace and Marie Turner

Additional Dialogue and Staging by Elizabeth White
Scene 1 Late Afternoon   Scene 3 Week Later
Scene 2 Dawn Next Day    Scene 4 Few Days Later

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By George S. Kaufman

(In order of appearance)
JOHN  [[multiple dots]]  Warren McClane
BOB  [[multiple dots]]  Leon Van Hatten
GEORGE  [[multiple dots]]  Walter Brown
MARC  [[multiple dots]]   Lincoln Pope

By Mrs. Nannie Burrough
With Sermons from
James Weldon Johnson's "God's Trombones"
Time: 1900 A.D.         Place: Slabtown

(In order of appearance)
MISS PEARLINE DIGGS [[multiple dots]] Marilyn White
MRS. FLORIDA KNOBB  [[multiple dots]] Genevive McClane
MRS. PATSY HIGGENBOTTOM  [[multiple dots]] Mary Mills
GRAND DAUGHTER RULER  [[multiple dots]] Elizabeth White
FLANNELETTE JONESBURY  [[multiple dots]] Olive Bowles
REV. J. C. BIGJOHN  [[multiple dots]]  Lincoln Pope

Adapted and Staged by Elizabeth White
Costumes from Our Attics
Permission to use "God's Trombones" from Viking Press

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