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[[image: black and white photograph of Edgar Allen Long, Jr.]

Montgomery, Ala.
Alpha Phi Alpha, Chi Delta Mu

Ed is a boy with a record. Nuf sed. Hampton received him from Christianburg Institute, worked on him a while and let him come to Howard. Here he distinguished himself as a varsity baseball player, president of the Glee Club, and football captain and coach. Christened only "Edgar Allen" the great tragic look on Ed's face when in class, supplies the "Poe," and this would have to be taken seriously did not one discover he was sleeping so we have to let his expression go as "Long." Ed will practice in Virginia after interning at Freedmen's and though fond of babes in the nursery will specialize in genito-urinary and gynecological work.

The sheik of the forward-pass.
He is still catching them.

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Columbia, C.C.
Alpha Phi Alpha

As a preacher's son Bob does not disappoint. He was the unanimous choice of the class for its biggest liar and when not strutting about with a knowing air, is handing out an interminable line of unknown hokum on all subjects which is the extent of his achievement in ---?. His speech making abilities never fail to bring down the house when he is on the Hill orating to the students about some strike or petition to the faculty or the like. Bob is usually kept busy behind the counter in the financial office on the Hill but occasionally he has been seen in the medical school attending classes. He will interne at Freedmen's and says he will make plenty of money somewhere afterward. We do not show a cut because Bob felt that his interests on the Hill were more at heart than with his classmates in the medical school and a blank space is more representative anyway.

He has the gift of the gab. But that's all.

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[[image - black and white photograph of George Stanley Martin]]

Uniontown, Ala.
Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Pi, (Hon.)

"Boss," our pious chaplain, formerly the praying deacon of Uniontown, is famed for the invariable conclusion of his supplications to Diety, "Save a little dram for me." Selma, Ala., educated him in its grammar and high schools and university, and Virginia Union placed A.B. after his name. The teaching of chemistry called him for three years at his alma mater, and last summer he gave instruction in health education at the Birmingham, Alabama State Normal. "Abe" will interne at Freedmen's and then plunge deeply into the art of diagnosis in Birmingham.

"Boss." Just a few, boys, just a few--drinks.

[[image: black and white photograph of Mansell Herbert McShann]]

Dallas, Tex.
Chi Delta Mu

Although he had completed a course in steam and electrical engineering at Prairie View Normal in the Lone Star State and had become a licensed pharmacist from Howard, Mac decided that he still did not have what he wanted so he joined us. Being the business manager of this book, the experience so gained will probably lead his to desert us for banking or oyster shucking within a year. Herbert often carries the boys around in an antique Dodge Brothers' machine which he hopes the company will shortly buy from him as record proof of the great age and hard knocks which their cars can withstand. He ought to receive enough from that to set up as a surgeon somewhere in the west, when he has finished his year with "Pa."

Dew-brusher "Mac.
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