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Editors M.E. Freeman, E.H. Polk, A.C. Robinson
Business Manager W.A. Patterson
Circulation Manager A.E. Gross
Advisor A.B. Finlayson, Principal, Birney School

1. Visits of Pupils to Private Physicians and Dentists
2. Examination of Pupils by Doctor
3. Good Health Habits
4. Good Leisure Time and Recreational Activities
Activities in the City
Activities in the Neighborhood
Activities in the School

1. Creative Art
2. Learning Through Experimentation
3. Good Human Relationships
Parent School Relationships
Meeting People in Everyday Living

4. Good Mental Health Through Excursions
5. 1952 June Graduates
Culminating Six Years of BIRNEY SCHOOL LIFE


This issue of the Birney School Magazine is
dedicated to the entire student body of the James
G. Birney School. The editors have tried to depict
for you the efforts exerted by the Birney
School Faculty, the contributions made by them
and the activities promoted towards the development
in each child of good physical health, proper
habits and excellent mental progress.

The following pages contain compositions,
poems, and creative stories written by the pupils
of the Birney School, with accompanying photographs.
These activities center around Correction
of Health Defects through medical and dental services,
Health through inculcation of good habits
at school and at home and Health through Leisure
Time and Recreational Activities. The phases
emphasizing Mental Health are Good Human
Relationships, Organized Sports, Creative Art,
Experimentation and Excursions.

We wish to express our sincere thanks and
appreciation to Mrs. A.B. Finlayson, Principal
of the Birney School, whose advice and counsel
has made possible this magazine. We gratefully
acknowledge the services rendered by Mr. Cabell,
who gave considerable advice in the technical arrangements
of the photographs. We also thank
the members of the faculty of the Birney School
for their individual and collective efforts in
assisting in the publication of this issue of our magazine.
Editorial Staff

Compliments of...
Former President
Parent Teachers' Association of the
Birney School
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