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Good Health Habits

[[image - black & white photograph of pupils at the school's Eaglin Grocery Store]] 

Eaglin's Grocery Store
We went to the Safeway Store on Nichols Avenue, Southeast. We say many fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy products. We made Eaglin's Grocery Store after we took our trip.

We like our store. We hope you like it, too. This store helps us learn what foods to buy for good health.

Our store is in Room 101 at Birney School. We would like to have you come visit us sometime.

Kenneth Franklin
Grade 2B
H. Murray, Teacher

At the Grocery Store
I went to the store
To buy some green beans
But all that was left
Were some nice fresh greens

I went to the store
to buy my lunch
I wanted a sandwich
But all they had was punch.

2B Pupils
H. Murray, Teacher

Getting Ready For School
Because I want to be healthy, happy, and gay.
Every morning when I get up,
I think of the health rules,
I learned at school.
I wash until my skin just shines,
I brush my teeth before and after I eat, 
I wear clean clothes all the time,
I comb my hair and keep it neat,
I eat a good breakfast every day.

1B Pupils
C. Mitchell, Teacher

Good Health Acrostic
G- Get plenty of exercise and fresh air.
O- Open your windows at night.
O- Out of doors is the best place to play.
D- Don't forget to dress properly for the weather.

H-Here are some more health hints for you.
E- Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit.
A- Always drink milk.
L- Let the doctor be your friend.
T- The dentist is our friend, too.
H- Healthy children are happy children.

1B Pupils
C. Mitchell, Teacher

Good Health Habits
I. Brush your teeth every day.
That will help stop decay
Good teeth mean good health.
Good health is better than wealth.

II. Wash your face and hands each day
Because clean happy hands like to play.

III. Change your clothes and be real keen.
And let everything about you gleam.

Regina Garner
Age 8
F. B. Robinson, Teacher

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