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A Good Breakfast

The pupils in the first grade are talking about their breakfast. They enjoyed discovering the food that makes a good breakfast. Here are a few poems that the pupils composed.

When I wake up in the morning
I am hungry as can be
I hurry to the table
And see what foods for me.
Linda Mingo
Age 6

I have a good breakfast every morn
Of ceral, fruit, and milk
And it makes me get up at dawn
And I feel as fine as silk.
Jacqueline Cowan
Age 6

I drink my milk every morning,
And I like it.
It makes me healthy and strong
And I like it.
Frieda Alston
Age 6

I eat my cereal every morning
To be very strong and healthy.
To eat cereal every morning
You don't have to be wealthy.
Sharon Foster
Age 7

Oh dear, oh dear
We have no bread
We go everywhere
But we can't find bread
Ednor Green
Age 7

I eat my fruit every morning
It makes me work and play.
I eat my fruit every evening
It makes me healthy and gay.
Philip Floyd
Age 6
A.C. Robinson, Teacher

Clean Hands
Hurray for James! He always has clean hands.
I asked him how he did it. He said, "It is easy.
I use plenty of warm water and soap and I always
remember to wash them at important times."
"What are important times?" I asked him. The
important times I wash my hands are:

1. After going to the toilet
2. After seeing a sick friend
3. After playing with pets
4. Before eating
5. Before handling dishes
6. Before handling food

James hands were smooth and soft, too. He
told me he dried them well after each washing to
keep them from chapping.
It is our job to keep our hands clean by washing
them at the important times as James does.
Ellsworth McKinney
S.E. White, Teacher

Drink plenty of milk,
And you can't go wrong,
Milk makes muscles big and strong,
And you'll feel good all day long.
Ronald Davis
Age 6
C. Mitchell, Teacher

Clean Teeth
I brush my teeth every day.
Because that is the thing to do.
But I like to clean my teeth.
How about you?
Peggy Charity
Age 8
A. Roberts, Teacher

Milk is very good to drink,
I drink it morning, noon and night
It makes my teeth grown healthily
And my bones grown just right.
Jacqueline Patterson
Age 6
C. Mitchell, Teacher

Our "Ready for School" Club
The boys and girls in our room have learned
many ways of helping our parents. Our "Ready for
School Club" has especially helped us to form good
health habits at home and at school. Everyone
can be a gold star member, by keeping the rules.
First we learn how easy it is to keep ourselves
attractive. Most of the things are done at home.
We learn how to wash, sew, and press some of
our clothes. Where there are brothers and sisters,
the boys can polish the shoes, while the girls wash
sox, ribbons and some underwear.
We keep our school clothes fresh my wearing
play clothes at home. We bathe everyday and care
for our teeth, fingernails and hair. How good you
feel and how well you look when you do these
Second, we have our pencils sharpened, notebooks
and other materials ready by nine o'clock.
If we are tardy it is checked against us.
Third, we check on the kind of food we eat.
We must have a nutritious breakfast everyday.
Many of us can help at home by preparing cereal,
eggs or toast.
It is fun to look well, feel well, play well, and work well, at home and at school.
Pupils of 5B
H.B. Jackson, Teacher