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Learning Through Experimentation

[[Black and white photograph of students in a classroom.]]

Music at Birney School

Music plays an important role here at Birney School.  The Glee Club is an oragnization which functions mainly to develop within pupils a plea-sure and an understanding of an in musical ex-pression.  They learn to sing, dance, play musical instruments, and participate in musical games.

Each pupil learns how to use his voice correctly through correct pitch and freedom of expression.  His repertory is developed and enlarged through new and varied songs.

He learns the rudiments of music.  Each pupil learns how to read notes.  He learns to interpret music.  Each pupil learns about some of the outstanding musicians.  He finds out how they lived to obtain the accomplishments attained.  Therefore, he has a better understanding of how success is realized after obstacles are surmounted.  This is further developed by having the pupils listen to music performed by others - children, teacher, visitors, and numbers on the radio, phonograph and television.

Through the medium of music each child develops a respect for his classmates and those in authority.  Thereby, he lives and serves his fellow neighbors through a better and more wholesome understanding.  Pupils of 5B grade J.A. Hall, Teacher

* * * 
Making Bread

In Social Studies we learned that wheat is made into flour.

From the flour we get bread. In the fall the farmer plants winter wheat. It stays in the ground all winter under the snow. In June the farmer cuts the wheat, puts it in bags and sends it to the grain elevator where it is stored until it is sent to the mill. At the mill the grain is made into flour. Then the flour is sent to the bakery to be made into bread, cakes, pies, and rolls.

After we learned how bread was made we decided to make some bread in class. These are the things we did:

1. The teacher brought the roll mix.
2. We mixed the yeast in warm water in a big bowl.
3. Then we put the flour mixture in the bowl with the yeast.
4. We covered the bowl with a wet cloth and let the bread rise.
5. Then we made the bread into rolls and put the rolls in the muffin pans.
6. We let the rolls rise in the muffin pan.
7. We baked the bread in the oven.
8. While the rolls were baking we saw a moving picture on bread.

[[image - black and white photo of students making bread]]

9. We put butter on the rolls and ate them for lunch.

We enjoyed making and eating rolls.

After the moving picture we drew pictures about making bread. Then we decided whose pictures were the best and put them on the board.

We enjoyed learning how bread is made.

David Norris
Age 8
Rita Roots
Age 8
S. P. Moore, Teacher

* * *

Progressive Science Telecast

A television program at Birney School was recently established through the Science Department for the elementary schools of the District of Columbia. The purpose of this program was to enrich and acquaint the pupils with the various everyday use of science.

This is indeed a fine medium for better human
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