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In the NW cor. of sec. 35, Springdale Twp The steep faces of Kansan show cat-steps. I have noticed this elsewhere on the Kansan slopes.
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At (a) sec. 8- Lyon Twp There is a great slump - I could trace Nebraskan up for 25 ft above bottom. 
Then as slumpy place with springs, sand & gravel washed out - probably 8-10 ft - then good Kansan above.
A whole series of washouts slumps - gullys heading in same level - appears above this.

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A greater slump farther S. shows darker joint clay below, but this may be Kansan.
No water here.
Near bridge a spring (seapy) appears along same line.
Walked up the river about 3/4 of a mile. The bluffs are very rough & heavily timbered but I saw no exposures (could not reach the slump farther north on account of rain & late hour) & no springs.
Returned to Canton and reviewed notes, etc.


Fine exposure at -
lowest bottom about 5 ft. above water
Top of Nebraskan      35 ft. above bottom
Top of Aftonian sand & silt     70 ft. " [[Ditto for: above bottom]]
Top of Kansan     85 ft. " [[Ditto for: above bottom]]
The Kansan is jointed, brown, pebbly with two steaks of gray silty fine - jointed stuff (see sample from lower one)
One 3 in = 6 ft from top
Other 3 in = 10 " " " [[Dittos for: ft from top]]
From top to about 50 ft. [[als.?]] (from bottom)
fine sand & gray fine - jointed - [[sands?]]

Transcription Notes:
Twp-standard abbreviation for township