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[[underlined]] From Iowa Official Register - 1909-10, [[/underlined]]
Harlan 1200
Kirkman 1232
Irwin 1266
Botna - 
Defiance 1275
Earling 1309
Panama 1251
Portsmouth 1200
Shelby 1304  14I
Tennant -
Elkhorn - 
Corley -

Dunlop 1097
Persia 1167
Distance to [[Cousin Rufus?]] 1.14

This book is of no use to you, but I want it.  If you find it I will be glad to give a reasonable reward if you will return it to me.
B. Shimek
Iowa City

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[[underlined]] Audubon and Shelby Cos. [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] 1912 [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Dec. 12, 1912 - Thurs [[/underlined]]
Left Des Moines at 4:30 am.  Train was about 1 hr. late and I missed early connection for Audubon at Atlantic.  Left Atlantic for Audubon at 8:45 am [[underlined]] cuts along way. [[/underlined]]
Low RR. cut just before reaching depot at Lorah.  Seems to be overgrown.
Just S. of road 1 1/2 [[insertion]] (more)[[/insertion]] miles above Lorah is a similar rather deeper cut.  (This is in Audubon)  A mile farther N. there seems to be a bench.
Brayton looks fine for a stopping place.  Has no livery, but there is one at Exira.
Charted valley to Audubon.  Put up at Park Hotel.  Found county plat now in process of correction and will wait.  Called on Mayor Spencer.

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed and made minor edits. Think it's good to complete unless someone can decipher [[lin Rabu?]]. -@siobhanleachman I'm guessing it's "Cousin Rufus" but it's a guess. I also changed Lorak to Lorah, which is a town in Audubon Co., Iowa.