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N. part of sec. 19, - near bridge.
The east mound is larger. It is very flat on top and shaped so:
It is somewhat lower towards E. side.
Elevation about 10 ft. at E. end and over 12 at west end.
This mound is right on flat.
The other mound, west of ditch, is narrower at top, not flat, and overgrown, - some trees.
There is a sort of terrace in the big bend of river just S., on E. side of river, higher towards W., probably 20-30 ft above lower bottom. Are the mounds just a part of this terrace cut off?
In sec. 8 ^[[inserted note: 80-38]] there is a sort of irregular terrace
The hills here all have yellow loess.
[[bold, underlined]]Cut 11[[end bold, underlined]]On S. slope of last hill in E. side of sec. 7, I could see gray loess near base of slope, and more yellow loess on top.
[[bold, underlined]]Cut 12[[end bold, underlined]]Cut on N. slope also shows gray loess below, with iron tubes.
[[bold, underlined]]Cut 13[[end bold, underlined]]At center of S. side of sec. 6-80-38, on hill facing N., yellow loess appears on top, with very many small nodules. The greater part of the slope, almost to base, shows blue loess with many iron tubes. Occasional signs of a ferretto(?) appear, but