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TEL. ADDRESS: WAGONLITS [[decorative logo of woman's head]] CODE: A.B.C. 5th EDITION.


Peking,[[/preprinted]] Nov 24th 1910

Dear Colonel Hecker, 

In answer to your cablegram, I have just cabled you asking you to please wire Mr. Fischer of Washington, that it is impossible for me to send the Thayer, Dewing and Tryon paintings desired for the Corcoran Exhibition this year.  I have already agreed to send to the Smithsonian Exhibition, which will open ere long, a group of the work of these three men and they, I am sure, would not care to have so large a number of their works from one collection, shown at the same time, in competing exhibitions in any one city. 

I shall write a line to Mr. Fischer in explanation. The £1.500. so kindly cabled through the Hongkong Shanghai Bank came duly and much of it has already been paid out.  I have had a couple of experts out in the country where I have ^[[been]] travelling, to get for me certain things that I wanted, but which it was wiser to have others negotiate for.  The purchases so made, are arriving and absorb funds rapidly.  Another expert starts from here for Mongolia in about 
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