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one week to bring for my inspection and purchase if it is as fine as described, a bronze object of great importance.  This along with some other similar projects placed before today, and to which I am giving consideration, may keep me here, on near here, during the greater part of December and may require me to ask you to wire me a couple of thousand pounds more.

I am buying principally, extremely fine things.  For instance, from Marquis Hi's famous collection three superb bronzes, from other noted collections Tang and Sung paintings - and from the interior, finer sculpture than has [[underline]] ever heretofore left China. [[/underline]]

China's great sleeve contains treasures which in time, will startle the Occidental world.  Just now politics here are very startling.  The diplomatic circle is watching things very carefully.  The new 'senate' is determined to make itself heard, and I am told by those who ought to know, that intrigue now at work, may make radical changes almost any day.

I am glad to have your good letter of Sept. 27th telling me of Mrs. Hecker's return of health.  I hope by this time that all pain and stiffness has left her.

Watson wrote me ^[[also]] about his accident - your letter and his reaching me at the same time.  He was lucky in escaping greater injury.  He says "that horse" will ^[[be]] disposed of promptly.  One he should never have bought, and never would have bought, had his mind been as it once was.  Poor Watson!

Your news concerning business and political matters is interesting.  Thanks for all.  With all good wishes to you and yours - Sincerely, Charles L. Freer

P.S I'm having two Thanksgiving dinners!
Today-midday at the Am Legation.  This evening at Mr & Mrs de Monical - Manager International Bank. 
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