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[[circled]] 55 [[/circled]]

[[underlined]] Cebus Capucinis [[/underlined]], I
August 23, 1961
Barro Colorado

Going to put Ork in an outside cage, with the new Tufted Capuchin, José. 7:45 a.m.

Ork utters [[?]] and a few AlB's when pulled up by Boca.  Then settles happily and silently in Boca's arms.

Goes into [[?]] when put into Jose's cage.  Utters a few [[?]], MGB's, etc.; but all or most of these seem to be provoked by or directed toward me.

Does silent  BT several times when looking at José. Once this silent BT was followed, immediately, by [[?]] & a "strangled" AlB.  Then back to silent [[?Hdd]].

While Hdd-ing, Ork does quite a bit of "pseudo-suckling." Again more probably directed toward me than to José.

Does extreme [[underline]] MO & BT [[/underline]], silently, when suddenly noticing a [[female symbol]] Curas now close by.  Still in Hdd.

Gradually relaxes a little  Sits up, but keeps hands firmly clutching stomach.  Such clutching is obviously  a mild alarm reaction. A persistence or reversion to juvenile-infantile behavior. Quite silent.

Then sticks tongue out while watching Curanow.  Then starts to lick floor and wire of cage.  Silently Still clutching stomach

Does MO & BT, with [[?]] & AlB, when I move suddenly.

Then MO, without BT, followed by "pseudo suckling" when the Curanow moves

Still sitting, clutching himself, usually silent 8:15.  Apparently ignoring José.  Beginning to explore his immediate environment a little.  Occ-

Transcription Notes:
Hdd may be = head down display

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