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[[underline]]Cebus capucinus[[/underline]] Aug 23, 1961, II

-asionally stops clutching momentarily, to handle a leaf or twig on the bottom of the cage, or to feel the wire mesh.

Does extreme MO, without BT, when Curanow moves again.  Then utters 3 or 4 Q's. In rapid series. [[underline]]Almost TW[[/underline]]. MO more or less maintained throughout the Q's.  Then does one Lili[[?]], silent, relaxes.

I think these MO's without BT must be produced by moderately strong motivation.  Escape predominant, but attack by no means negligeable.

Probably just slightly lower intensity than Q's (and AlB's?)

Boca brings food to cage, puts it beside Ork, 8:20. José comes down to get food. Ork performs one brief Hdd when José comes close.  Nothing more.  Feeding himself.

Ork utters STill's, goes into Hdd, then does MO, with Q Notes, then relaxes, when I cough suddenly.

It is interesting that Ork has done no SS this morning. Nor any "bouncing." As bouncing may be closely relate to typical Jud,  this would seem to be an indication that he is quite definitely alarmed today. Also suggests that the SS of this species may contain a quite appreciable attack component???

Perhaps the SS Ork did a couple of days ago was just a combination of Jud movements combined with the clutching semi-Hdd crouch???

Behavior continuing more or less as before 8:55. Ork pretty steadily crouched or Hdd'd on floor of cage.  Clutching himself steadily.  Usually silent  Occasionally utters STill usually or always directed toward me. Occasionally utters Q or AlB, when something moves outside cage.

Ouie looks up at Jose, with tongue sticking out (the mouth always remains closed when the tongue is stuck out in this way.) This pattern would appear to be ritualized. I shall call it "Ton."  Low intensity hostility?
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