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Cebus capucinus, Aug. 23, 1961, III


Every once in a while, Ork does a little "Pseudo-suckling" when looking at me. Silent. Sometimes accompanied by very pronounced "chewing" movements; sometimes with relatively few "chewing" movements. [[underline]]Not[[/underline]] usually accompanied by "frowning." More friendly than "Pseudo-suckling" with frowning?

Every once in a while, Ork also "raises his eyebrows" while looking at me.  Sometimes with "Pseudo-suckling," sometimes without Usually silent Sometimes with soft and brief [[?]] when performed apart from "Pseudo-suckling."

I have seen this "eyebrow raising" before; but have not, I think, commented upon it. I think it is an "int. mov" of frowning. At least, it frequently immediately precedes frowning.

Ork starts to relax a little more around 9:10. Reaching hand up, as if were going to start climbing on branches soon. Then suddenly [[underline]]starts SS[[/underline]] while looking at me.  Accompanied by a jumble of silent "Pseudo suckling," with pronounced chewing,   [[underline]]and frowning[[/underline]], [[?Loh's]], [[underline]]Squ's[[/underline]], and brief STill's. All in semi-crouch.  Then relaxes again. Starts to reach for branches again.

Perhaps the frowning is really a sign of aggressiveness?

Ork crouches again 9:15. ([[underline]]All[[/underline]] its crouches today have been with clutching. Looks at me for a long time, with Jon. Silent. No other movements.

Then when José comes down to get food again (9:12), Ork just retreats a few feet, crouches again, silently. No other display!

Then Ork goes to sleep 9:20. Wakes up when José passes over head. Opens eyes. Doesn't move. But does do silent Ton at José.

Jon is obviously [[underline]]very very[[/underline]] low intensity! 
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