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[[circled]] 58 [[/circled]]

[[underlined]] Cebus capucinus [[/underlined]], Aug. 23, 1961, IV

Osk wakes up 9:45. Looks at José. Does SS in clutching semi-crouch, [[underlined]] with Ton [[/underlined]]. Quite silent. So Ton may not contain as relatively strong an escape component as some other patterns.

Then Osk goes over to feed.  Moves around cage a little, on the floor. Utters [[underlined]] quite a lot of MGB's as it moves and feeds [[/underlined]]. Single notes. 

Then does silent MO at me. Without other displays. 9:50

Then starts to go back into clutching crouch. With a few slow bouncing movements. And silent Ton.  Apparently directed at me

Now sitting up fairly erect. Still clutching stomach. Occasional slow bouncing movements. Silent. Ton. Apparently directed to José 9:55  Looking at José much more steadily than it ever has before.

Sometimes raises eyebrows when looking at José with Ton. 
Sometimes its slow bounces develop into a slight trace of SS 
Now looking at me. Sitting up Clutching: Alternating periods of silent Ton with periods of "Pseudo-suckling" with frowns. Sometimes utters S Trll's more or less intermingled with other patterns. Then does Lsh [[underlined]] with one low intensity BB [[/underlined]]!

Then starts to move around again. [[underlined]] Immediately starts to utter single MGB's when it moves [[/underlined]]! 10:00 a.m.

Then sits. Does silent Ton to me

Then moves again. Utters MGB's and 1 S Trll.

Then sits. Clutching but not crouched Utters s Trll's, 1 BB, 1 alB Then moves again Immediately starts uttering single MGB's Then utters MGB's and S Trll's, in apparently random sequence

Then sits again. Silent 10:05.

Leaving myself.

Arrive back to watch animals 4:50 

Transcription Notes:
Discovered in a later page that Osk is short for Oskar, so I changed all Orks to Osk.

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