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[[underlined]] Cebus capucinus [[/underlined]], I   September 27, 1958
Barro Colorado

The Norwegians (Per Hort et al) got a Capuchin a couple of days ago, and are keeping it on the island.  A [[male symbol]].  Probably (?) not quite full grown (the dealer said 6 months old).  I have been watching its behavior a little.
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It does not seem to clean its face by rubbing it along the ground or a branch like the [[Puiche's?]] and Night Monkeys.  Seems to use its tongue or its hands instead.

It has a variety of calls - the commonest of which seem to be variations on a single theme - which I shall call the "Moan Grunt" or MG.  Most MG Notes might be transcribed as "auk" or something similar.  Notes always essentially single, but frequently, even usually, repeated.  Some of them are quite plaintive.  Some of them harsher & more grunt-like.  All obviously hostile, I think.  Usually provoked by, and directed toward, human beings in the case of this captive specimen.  The harsher more grunt-like MG's are possibly more aggressive than the more plaintive types.  More often given when this captive animal looks as if it were likely to bite

MG's are the usual response given by wild Capuchins in the forest when they became aware that a human being is nearby.  More often, I think, the harsher kind than the plaintive kind; (and the wild Capuchins around here are really quite aggressive).

I rather imagine that the MG of the Capuchin is roughly
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