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[[underlined]] Monthly Report [[/underlined]] of the [[underlined]] Department of Living Animals. [[/underlined]] 

Curator Report Living animals Hornaday


S. P. LANGLEY, Secretary
G. BROWN GOODE, Assistant Secretary, in charge of U. S. National Museum

WASHINGTON [[/preprinted]] Jan 2 [[preprinted]], 188[[/preprinted]]9

Prof. G. Brown Goode, 
Assistant Secretary, etc.

Dear Sir:-

I have the honor to enclose the usual list of accessions for the month of December. 
The most important  special work accomplished during the month was the constructions of a fine new snake cage, of three compartments, a cage for the raccoons, and one for the opossums. In addition to this, a new model of the site for the proposed Zoological Park was made, and carefully [[underlined]] finished [[/underlined]], in accordance with special directions from the Secretary.
The services of Mr N. R. Wood were discontinued in the department of living animals on Nov 30. On Dec 1. Mr Selman Cook was taken on as skilled laborer to assist Keeper Wieden in caring from the animals and buildings.
On Dec. 24 the interior of the animal