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[[blue pencil]] 3 [[/blue pencil]]

reached on March 2, 1889, [[strikethrough]]partly[[/strikethrough]] toward-which the department of living animals rendered some service, all other work accomplished by it during the [[insertion]] ^ year [[/insertion]] becomes of very small importance. [[paragraph symbol]]

[[insertion]] ^ On the part of the curator [[/insertion]] [[strikethrough]]T[[/strikethrough]]there was [[strikethrough]]neither[[/strikethrough]] no opportunity for any special researches upon material belonging to the department.  The time and effort which it was necessary for [[strikethrough]] the curator [[/strikethrough]] him to devote to the plan for a zoological park, and also to the department of taxidermy, [[strikethrough]] left [[/strikethrough]] rendered it impossible to accomplish for the collection of living animals [[strikethrough]] nothing [[/strikethrough]] anything but the routine work necessary to its existence: and but for the valuable and energetic service rendered by Keeper Weeden, and the practical responsibilities assumed by him, more important work would have been compelled to suffer some neglect.

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