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28/6/35, afternoon, cont.
[[underlined]] Andrena albicans [[/underlined]] a worn [[female symbol]] seen, pollen-laden.
[[underlined]] Vespa vulgaris [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] seen.
[[underlined]] Salius notatulus [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] on bramble leaf.
[[underlined]] Crabro tibiale [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]] along hedge-rows.
[[underlined]] C. leucostomus [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] on oak.
[[underlined]] Tenthredella livida [[/underlined]] seen.
[[underlined]] Athalia [[/underlined]] seen: common: none taken.
[[underlined]] Tomostethus luteiventris [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] swept in marsh.
Selandria stramineipes or morio? 1 in bracken.
[[underlined]] Allantus calceatus [[/underlined]] ? 1 [[male symbol]]
Ichneumon latrator [[female symbol]] About 5 Cryptids.

[[right margin note]] Many in store. Never pinned! [[line]] [[/note]]

Pimpla [[insertion]] = ? sp. K. of J.F.Perkins. [[/insertion]] [[female symbol]], like detrita but larger terebra, swept in ditch.
[[underlined]] Polysphincta tuberosa [[/underlined]]. 1 [[female symbol]] on bramble.
Plectiscid ? 1 [[male symbol]] = Helictes. (carded).
Orthocentrus ? - 1 [[male symbol]] (carded).
Angitia? - 1 [[male symbol]]  [[underlined]] Meloboris - 1 [[female symbol]] swept in salt marsh. 
[[underlined]] Bracon fulvipes [[/underlined]] [[male symbol]]. [[underlined]] Sigalphus pallidipes [[/underlined]] ? 1 [[male symbol]]
[[underlined]] Oncophanes lanceolator [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]]. [[underlined]] Opius lugens [[/underlined]] ? 1 [[female symbol]]
[[underlined]] Dacnusa areolaris [[/underlined]]
Chalcids: 2 very curious & pretty specimens, one with fasciated wings. =(one of these) [[underlined]] Hemiptarsenus fulvicollis [[/underlined]] Westwd. fide Ferriere, 1939. See also record for Little Bray, DU. (E. O'M) 23.10.32. A.W.S. 25/3/39.

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29th June 1935. ^[[insertion]] [[underlined]] AM. [[/underlined]] [[/insertion]] A very bright day with strong keen SE-E wind : few insects out even in shelter : aculeata more in evidence than other hymenoptera. 7.30 till 1.30.
Moraine above Morley's Bridge, close to school, = 1, & on 28th ; ^[[insertion]] left [[/insertion]] river bank of Loo, just north of level crossing N. of Morley's Br. station = 2; scrub & heathery hillsides (beginning of Crohane Wd.) about a mile N. of the level crossing = 3. All Co. SK.
[[underlined]] Bombus lucorum [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]], several [[virgin female symbols]] at 1 & 3.
[[underlined]] B. agrorum [[/underlined]] several.
[[underlined]] Psithyrus campestris [[/underlined]], dark var., 1 [[female symbol]] seen between Kilgarvan & Morley's Bridge.
[[underlined]] Andrena albicans [[/underlined]] 1 worn [[female symbol]] at 3 on [[underlined]] Rubus [[/underlined]].
[[underlined]] A. fucata [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] seen at 3. [[underlined]] A. wilkella [[/underlined]] [[2 female symbols]] at 1.
[[underlined]] A. coitana [[/underlined]] very common at 1 & 3, also seen at 2.
[[underlined]] A. angustior [[/underlined]] 1 worn [[female symbol]] at 1 on return journey.

[[underlined]] Halictus rubicundus, calceatus, albipes, freygessneri, leucopus [[/underlined]] & [[underlined]] H. tumulorum [[/underlined]] [[2 female symbols]] seen.
[[underlined]] H. punctatissimus [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] at 1.
[[underlined]] Sphecodes hyalinatus [[/underlined]] [[2 female symbols]] at 3.
[[underlined]] S. affinis [[/underlined]] ? 1 [[female symbol]] seen at 3.

Transcription Notes:
Polyspincta tuberosa likely = Polysphincta tuberosa Unsure of [[Sigalphen?]] pallidipes E. O'M = -@siobhanleachman I changed the page number of the right hand page from 3 to 5. I also changed "[[virgin female sybols]]" to "[[virgin female symbols]]" near middle of right hand page.--thomasc Pretty sure it is Sigalphus - saw it better on another page.