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3.7.35 cont Dunkerron, SK. cont.

[[underlined]] Dacnusa areolaris [[/underlined]] [[insertion]] & longeradialis } [[/insertion]] everywhere: some ? this sp. with long radial cell kept. [[insertion]] = These = [[underlined]] longiradialis [[/underlined]]! A.W.S 9.11.36. [[/insertion]] : also 1 small [[male symbol]] with freakish [[nervuration?]] [[insertion]] - This returned 9.11.36 by Nixon labelled [[underlined]] areolaris [[/underlined]]. [[/insertion]]
[[underlined]] D. gilvipes [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] 
D. sp ? 2 [[2 male symbols]], 1 [[female symbol]]

[[boxed]] 3.7.35 cont.
[[underlined]] Proctos [[/underlined]] 6 (1 wingless!)
Chalcid 1 [[/boxed]]

[[underlined]] Phaenocarpa conspurcator [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough]] ? [[/strikethrough]] 1 [[female symbol]]

[[underlined]] Trachyusa aurora [[/underlined]] 2 [[2 male symbols]], in lane
[[underlined]] Alysia incongrua [[/underlined]] ? 1 large [[male symbol]]
[[underlined]] A. ruficeps [[/underlined]] 1 small [[male symbol]]. 
[[underlined]] Biosteres carbonarius [[/underlined]] ? 1 large [[male symbol]]

[[underlined]] Blacus [[strikethrough]] humilis [[/strikethrough]] ? too large 1 [[female symbol]]

[[underlined]] Rhogas [[/underlined]], red plearae, 1 [[male symbol]] ?
[[underlined]] Microctonus [[/underlined]] sp.? 1 [[female symbol]] Apanteles [[blank space]] 1 [[female symbol]] {? same sp. as bred by H.C. Huggins from Bluma moth in Devon! AWS.}
[[underlined]] Cilartes braeonius [[/underlined]]  [[male symbol]], 2 [[2 female symbol]] under leaves of beech.

[[underlined]] Bracon [[/underlined]] (near [[underlined]] epitreptus [[/underlined]] ?/1 [[female symbol]].

Cryptid 1 small red [[male symbol]] & 1 small black [[male symbol]], carded.
[[underlined]] Hemiteles [[/underlined]] ? 2 small [[2 male symbols]], scarce a line in length.

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3.7.35 cont. Dunkerron, SK., cont.
[[underlined]] Leptocryptus aereus [[/underlined]] ? 1 [[female symbol]]. Cryptid  1 [[male symbol]] Cryptid - 1 [[female symbol]]. 
[[underlined]] Plectiscus [[/underlined]] 2 spp ? 2 [[2 male symbols]], 1 [[female symbol]]. [[underlined]] Aperileptus [[/underlined]] ? - 1 [[female symbol]].
[[underlined]] Helictus [[/underlined]]  1 [[male symbol]] [[underlined]] Dicolus [[/underlined]] ?? - 1 [[male symbol]], yellow & red pleurae. 
[[underlined]] Promethes laticarpus [[/underlined]] 1 [[male symbol]] [[underlined]] Homocidus pectoratorius [[/underlined]] 1 small [[male symbol]]. [[underlined]] H. pictus [[/underlined]] ? 1 [[male symbol]]
Tryphon 1 small [[male symbol]]. [[underlined]] Cteniscus [[/underlined]] sp. 1 [[male symbol]].
Mesoleius [[overwritten]] 3 [[/overwritten]] 4 ex.  [[Melobosis?]] ? 2 ex Angitia ?? 2 ex.
[[underlined]] Mesochorus [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] [[underlined]] Thersilochus [[/underlined]] ? 1 [[male symbol]] at [[underlined]] Stachys sylvatica [[/underlined]]!

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4th July 1935. Drizzle & S.W. wind continue : but considerable hot sun in early afternoon through a "blue hole" in sky though drizzle never really stopped. Too wet to sweep: insects much scarcer than on previous day.
Dunkerron Castle, Co. SK.
12 till 1.30 : worked garden & lane behind stables = AM
2.30 till 4.30 worked garden & odd bits of ground = PM.
[[underlined]] Bombus lapidarius [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] seen in garden : PM. (1stt seen on trip!)
[[underlined]] B. hortorum [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] on Geranium (? [[underlined]] G. phaeum [[/underlined]]!) in garden.
[[underlined]] B. agrorum [[/underlined]] several [[2 female symbols]] seen.
[[underlined]] B. lucorum [[/underlined]] 1 [[male symbol]] on privet flowers in lane (1st 1935), [[2 virgin female symbols]] in garden
[[underlined]] Megachile willughbiella [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] on [[underlined]] Geranium [[/underlined]] & 1 [[female symbol]] seen also.
[[underlined] Andrena gwynana [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] frequent in garden, some on [[underlined]] Geranium [[/underlined]].
[[underlined]] H. punctatissimus [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] examined in garden.
[[underlined]] H. freygessneri [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] seen in garden. [[underlined]] H.  leucopus [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] in garden.

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Finished transcription and checked species names against Stelfox bee document. - @siobhanleachman