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21st Sept 1949. A dull day with lowering clouds (? Lancashire smoke!) & very strong easterly wind.

In afternoon drove to Glenasmole, where good shelter; left car at middle lodge & walked up east side of upper reservoir & back by west side at 5 P.M. Collected by sweeping in three areas, as follows -
1 = by path from lodge to W. end of upper dam.
2 = by path along east side of upper reservoir from dam to near St. Anne's Church, including several damp spots where springs come out.
3 = dry bed of upper reservoir where inlet streams meet & under about 2 to four feet of water in winter.

Glenasmole, Co. DU.

Taken at 1. [6 mtd from 1 & these labelled on 13-12-49.] 

Stilpnus gagates? ♂︎: not mtd.
Cremnodes atricapillus ♀︎, ant. 17, small ex.
Promethes cognatus ♂︎: not mtd.
Stenomacrus ventralis 1♂︎, 1♀︎; the ♂︎ very pale! ♂︎ only mtd. ant. 24
Plectiscus sp. ♂︎, ant. 20.
Colastes braconius 2♀︎♀︎: not mtd.
Blacus paganus 1♀︎, ant. 17.
Aspilota (Synaldis) sp. ♂︎, ant. 23.
Dacnusa laevipectus 3♀︎♀︎; D. maculipes  1♂︎;  D. elegantula 1♂︎. None mtd.
Praon sp. ♀︎, dark antennae, 18-seg.
Proctos 10: none mtd.
Chalcid 1: not mtd.
Cynipid 1 (testaceus)

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