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1881 | 
Dec. 6. | From Greville I. Chester, 1 Bloomsbury Court, Londown, W. C.
 1 | Abolus (2 pieces) Phoenician, A.R. found at Bayroot
 2 | Denarius of Seneverus.
 3 | Small brass of the Usurper Allectus.
 4 | Four-penny pieces, (Maundy Money) Victoria 1871.
 5 | Five glass coins, Arabic, Egypt.
 6 | Penny of Edward the Confessor.

1882 | 
June 9. | From Col. J. T. Milliken, Alexandria, Egypt.
 | 1 gold 10 piaster piece & 1 gold 5 piastro piece.

June 15. | From M. Lara, U.S. of Columbia.
 | A two-and-half cent piece of New Grenada.

July 24. | From Godfrey M. Hyams, Boston Mass.
 | Two, ten centime pieces, French Colonial of Guyana South America

De. 9. | From H P Newlin, Phila.
 | A dime & half-dime of 1853, uncirculated. ^[[pencil]]Without arrows[[/pencil]]

1883 | 
March 5 | From the Mst. Rev. Archbishop Wood
 | Philadelphia
 | Large Medal, Pius IX, Reverse, Coining Room and Mint Machinery.

Transcription Notes:
1881 Dec 6: presumably "Bayroot" is "Beirut" (part of the former Phoenicia, now Lebanon), but transcribed as written. 1882 June 9: coins are written (and therefore transcribed) as "piaster" and "piastro" but presumably are "piastre".

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