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World Communications Via ITT

ITT World communications Inc.
subsidiary of International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation

Executive Headquarters  67 Broad Street  New York  N.Y.  10004  Telephone (212) 797-3300

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Private connections to our operating centers in New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. are available by telephone tie line, teleprinter, deskfax or messenger call box to anyone in those cities. In Honolulu, telephone and teleprinter connections are offered.

Those without access to private connections can reach us by telephone, TWX or Western Union Telex teleprinter, as follows:

ITT World Communications Service Numbers
[[3 column table]]
To send a telegram via ITT | telephone | TWX
dial New York | (212) 797-3311 | 212-571-1405
Washington | (202) 296-6200 | 202-965-0277
San Francisco | (415) 421-1303 | 415-393-7600
Honolulu | 52-556 |
[[/3 column table]]

[[3 column table]]
To place an ITT Telex Call | TWX | W.U. Telex
dial New York | 212-571-1000 | 0103
San Francisco | 415-393-9250 | 0303
[[/3 column table]]

Traffic Offices
[[2 column table]]
New York NY |
(Telephone Area Code 212) | 
67 Broad St | 797-7522
80 Pine St | 797-7690
165 Broadway | 797-7685
26 West 31st St | 797-7525
6 East 39th St | 889-4623
708 Third Ave | 797-7646
UN Secretariat Bldg | 797-5123
[[/2 column table]]

[[2 column table]]
30 Rockefeller Plaza | 797-7530
641 Lexington Ave | 797-7504
26 West 58th St | 797-7696
San Francisco Calif. | 
(Telephone Area Code 415) |
350 Mission St | 421-1303
Washington D. C. | 
(Telephone Area Code 202) |
1707 L St N.W. | 296-6200
[[/2 column table]]

If you are too far from these cities to file your international message directly with one of our offices, simply write or dictate VIA ITT after the address when you give it to the local Western Union Telegraph Co.

Regional Sales Offices
[[2 column table]]
Boston Mass. 140 Federal St | (617) LA3-3456
Chicago Ill. 208 S. LaSalle St | (312) ST2-6934
Cleveland Ohio 606 Williamson Bldg | (216) 781-3528
Dallas Texas 400 Exchange Park North | (213) FL7-8732
Los Angeles Calif. 541 S. Spring St | (213) 626-4744
[[/2 column table]]

[[2 column table]]
Miami Florida 125 S. E. Third Ave | (305) FR9-3053
New Orleans La. 124 Camp St | (504) JA2-2071
Philadelphia Pa. Lafayette Bldg. 5th & Chestnut St | (215) WA2-6935
Seattle Wash. 826 E. Gwinn Pl | (206) EA4-7775
Upper Montclair N.J. P.O. Box 815 | (201) PI6-3315
Detroit Mich. 1575 East Lafayette | (313) 961-6433
[[/2 column table]]

Classes of Service

Full Rate Service - Full rate telegrams are subordinated in dispatch only to telegrams relating to safety of life at sea or in the air, epidemiological telegrams of the World Health Organization, government telegrams for which the sender has requested priority of transmission, meteorological telegrams and urgent press telegrams. Full rate telegrams may be expressed in plain language or secret language or both. The minimum number of chargeable words for full rate telegrams is seven.

Letter Telegram Service - Letter telegrams are admitted at a charge per word of 50 per cent of that applicable to ordinary telegrams. The minimum number of chargeable words for letter telegrams is twenty-two. Letter telegrams must bear the indicator "LT" written immediately before the address to be counted and charged for as one word. The text of letter telegrams must be expressed wholly in plain language. The delivery of letter telegrams generally takes place the morning after the date of deposit. For further information inquire at our offices.

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