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[From left to right, left side of paper]

[[illustration - thistle]] Distel
[[illustration - some type of whistle/ musical pipe]] Weidenpfeife(?)Jagdpfeife(?)
[[illustration - bagpipe]] Sackpfeife
[[illustration - bunch of grapes]] Traube

[[illustration - helmet]] Helm
[[illustration - toad/fire bellied toad]] Unke
[[illustration - feather]] Feder
[[illustration - some type of fruit (grape or strawberry?)]] Traube? Erdbeere??

[[top right margin]] Wilder Mann. Löwe.
Mensch        Affe
Vogel         Pfeife
Raūbtier      Sackpfeife
Jagdtier      Distel
Aklei         Becher
Nelke         Buch
Rose          Spechter
[[/top right margin]]

[[illustration - king's crown]] 
[[illustration - queen's crown]]

[[illustration - fish]] Fisch

[[illustration - a specific type of clover flower (related to carnations)]] Nelke
[[illustration - bulbous flower, possibly an onion or pomegranate]] 
Granatapfel ? [[half of a box line around "Granatapfel" to delineate from next row]]

[[small illustration - crown]] Krone [[small illustration - moon]] mond [[small illustration - sun]] Sonne ?)

[[illustration - type of bell drawn as if it is see-through to see the bell's clapper (the part that knocks around inside to make noise)]] 

[[illustration - crow/raven]] Rabe
[[illustration - flower]] Blume

[[illustration - probably glands]] Eichel [[start annotation]] Heinrich Hauck Frankfurt a/m 1586

[[middle right margin]] [[in pencil]]
[[illustration - shield]] 3x
[[illustration - knight's helmet]] 2x
[[illustration - a clover or old key?]] 7x
[[illustration - grapes on bit of vine]] 2x
[[illustration - maybe a garlic clove or flower?]] 2x
2x [[illustration - like a cave drawing of horse]] [[illustration - like a cave drawing of a lion or goat]] 2x
[[illustration - stick donkey, maybe?]] [[illustration - cave man drawing of a cave man, tribal man drawing of a man or?]] [[line]] [[illustration - cat tail plant?]] 2x [[illustration - bird, hummingbird maybe]] 4x
[[/in pencil]] [[/middle right margin]] 

[[illustration - circle (in pencil) with an inked "?" on top]]

[[illustration - type of shield]] (Schild) 
[[annotation in pencil]] [[W?V?M?]] [[/annotation]]

[[illustration - (in pencil) circle with an inked "?" on top ]]
[[illustration - a type of flower with a gland-like shape]] Eichel/?/

[[illustration - printing pad]] Druckerballen
[[illustration - open book]] Buch
[[illustration - goblet]] Becher

[[illustration - type of highly decorated glassware]] [[strikethrough]] glas [[/strikethrough]] Spechter

[[annotation]] Jost Amman für den Buchdrucker. Leonchard Heussler in Nürnberg. 1588 [[/annotation]]

[[illustration - monkey (guenon?)]] Meerkatzen [[small illustration - ?]] AICHELN 

[[Illustration - type of acorn]] 

[[illustration - bird/parakeet]] Sittiche ROT 

[[Illustration - leaf]]

[[illustration - Golden lion tamarin]] [[small illustration - fleur-de-lis]]
(Sche[[illegible letters stricken]]leu)

[[Illustration - probably onion]]
[[illustration - bird]] (Pfaūen) [[strikethrough]] Balken

[[small illustration - leaf]] 
grüen [[German for "leafy"]]

[[annotation]] Spiel des Virgil Solis ca 1550 [[/annotation]]

[[Illustration - rose]] 
[[annotation]] Hans Sebald Beham's Spiel ca. 1520/30. [[/annotation]]


[[Illustration - sword]] Schwert

[[Illustration - stick (club)]] Stock

[[Illustration - trophy]] [[strikethrough]] Keūle [[/strikethrough]] 

[[Illustration - pomegranate] 

[[Illustration - pomegranate] 

Rosen [[illustration- rose]] 

[[Illustrations - vine + grape]] 

[[illustration - caduceus consisting of one snake on cross with a light pencil drawing of a flower?]] 

[[Illustration - crosier?] [[annotation]] Schongaūer [[op it?]]
Deutsches Spiel ūm 1500 
Kpf. Brit. Mus. [[/annotation]]

[[illustration - caduceus?]]
[[Annotation]] Erhard Schön ca 1528 [[/Annotation]]


Transcription Notes:
jeni92127 re-open: - While "distel" is the correct translation for "thistle," the original author transposed letters, so transcription should be "ditsel". bckaemper reopen: Sorry, but there is nothing "transposed" here - this is the "long s" of german Kurrent, followed by the "t" Changed "Apfe" to Affe (no kurrent p there) - For the second illustration, drawing description could be changed to "whistle" vice "pipe" to disambiguate from smoking pipe - On list, changed "nessel" to "nelke" to match the illustration mention. Compare illustration to clove flower image at: . There are other types of clove flowers [and nettles] but the clove image is the only one that looks the same as the illustration. bckaemper: I also read this clearly as "Nelke", not Nessel. - For anyone not used to seeing the cursive "ch" character [kind of looks like a "y"], go here: and scroll down to the cursive chart. FYI, a cursive "s" can look like a straight vertical line bckaemper re-open: I am a native German and read this w/o any doubt as simply "Schelle" Spechter (original author might have accidentally switch becher and spechter labels): bckaemper re-open: 'Spechter' is a special kind of cylindrical glas, originating probably from the low wooded mountain regiona that is called 'Spessart', cf. jost amman: - crosier guess based on Schonga?er work on the Orlier Altar's Proclamation Mariae - caduceus in relation to Erhard is due to his work on the Trial of Paris which has the gods in the story, one of whom has a caduceus (Hermes/ Mecury) ---------------- illustration description was based on German legend underneath, am fluent in German, please contact me if any help/translation is needed @plambert78 2nd reader: German native speaker & researcher in early modern times bckaemper re-open: changed Hanck to Hauck, rhis is Heinrich Hauk, cf. changed Eckorn to Eckern. That is the plural form of the nut of fagus sylvatica (also Buchecker), cf., which is the preferred food of these animals I see a "?" written over the closing bracket - changed Schelen to Scheleu, Leu is the old form of 'L?we' - changed Bahum to Beham, I interprete the letter after the h as an "a" that is not closed which can easily happen and is even the rule for the kurrent a; alternatively this could be a rare variant name form, like here, This is - changed Weinland to Weinlaub (wine leafs) Added the pencil drawings in the middle left margin. Otherwise looked good! :) - GigglePop

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