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[[underlined]] Cephalopoda [[/underlined]]

May 18, 1971
Porvenir (San Blas).

Making a brief visit to the island Ca 1:00 - 1:30 p.m. Swimming near hotel (perhaps 50 - 75 ft. from hotel landing). Sky very overcast, but no rain (altho there was rain both earlier and later during the day - and this has been a particularly rainy May). Extensive area of turtle grass. Water 5 - 12 ft. deep; moderately clear (visibility up to 30 ft. at times?)

Come across group of 5 squid. [[underlined]] Sepiotheuthis [[/underlined]]? Quite large and cuttle-fish-like. 15" - 24"?

Group divided 3-1-1

All the animals were associating with one another. But some much more closely than others. A "nucleus" of 3 individuals. Plus 2 others which were more "peripheral", apparently not more interested in one another than in me (see below) or the nuclear group.

I [[underlined]] think [[/underlined]] that the "nucleus" was a courting party. Always same 3 inds, swimming very close together (6" - 2' apart), in the same order. A very large individual ([[female symbol]]?) in the lead. Call this "1". Followed by a smaller individual, performing much more elaborate behavior. Call this "2". Followed by a third indivi
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