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[[circled]] 4 [[/circled]]
[[circled]] 4 [[/circled]]

Ceph, May 18, 1971, IV

Only moved around very occasionally (although it did follow the nucleus around, once, for a couple of minutes) At least while watching me, it was generally rather dark, grayish, indistinctly mottled, with many moderately small but conspicuous, apparently iridescent, bright light blue spots, even scattered over back and perhaps fins (I think that I shall call this pattern "Ocellated").

The remaining individual, no. "5", stayed much less close to me. Usually in "Pheasant" pattern, [[underlined]] without [[/underlined]] yellow above eyes. (Is "Pheasant" an alarm display, at least agonistic with escape relatively strong?). Sometimes hovered with many of its arms curled upward at the tip. Sometimes conspicuous because undersides of arms are whitish. Suckers revealed.

All the squid disappeared in a flash when a large barracuda appeared.

June 11, 1971
San Blas

Worked at three islands today: Yantupo (Carti) and Naranjo Chico in the morning, and Porvenir (same site as in May) in the afternoon.  More or less cloudy all morning; sunny during the first part of the afternoon. Water dirty at Yantupo and Naranjo, clear at Porvenir.

Squid seen at all three areas. Apparently all 
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