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[[circled]] 192 [[/circled]]

Ceph., May 5, 1972, X.

[[underlined]] "Doryteuthis" [[/underlined]] last year???  Seems to have same display patterns (CL, "4 bar" PH).

Going to run light again tonight.  We have moved the Tethys close to Panetupo.

7:15 Single tiny Sepiot shows up.  Briefly.  Does Split.  Presumably [[underlined]] not [[/underlined]] from group studied today.

7:58.  Large octopus comes swimming along surface.  In V.  Probably same species as other night ([[underlined]] briareus [[/underlined]]).  Long pointed tubercles (not raised to maximum extent now

V sometimes wider than shown here
[[image - drawing of octopus in V position]]

One set of arms much longer than the other.  Animal apparently colorless until it gets to light.  Then turns medium orange except for insides of arms.  Circles light, twice; then goes off

Going out in small boat 8:25 pm.  Nothing.  Back 8:45.

ADDITION: Arcadio says that a single X went by light last night.

9:15 pm.  A row of floating TG leaves goes drifting by near the light.  Drifting with them; and looking [[underlined]] very much [[/underlined]] like one of them; is a single small Sepiot (rather large for the class).  In more or less Ord, WS.  Suddenly shoots out arms, catches small prey (arthropod?), turns PH, then returns to Ord.  And continues drifting with leaves.  Making absolutely [[underlined]] no [[/underlined]] attempt to swim actively.  I.E. it is certainly

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