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[[circled]] 193 [[/circled]]

Ceph., May 5, 1972, XI.

[[underlined]] trading [[/underlined]] on its resemblance to a leaf to approach prey unawares  And possibly also escape predatory fish (There are a lot of predatory fish, considerably larger than the squid, around the light at the moment.)

Stopping observations 9:35 pm.

May 6, 1972
San Blas

Notice a pelican flying around shores of Panetupo shortly after dawn. 

We start work at Panetupo ourselves 7:38.  Look for large group seen yesterday.  Arcadio does shallow tow.  Continues for 20 mins. without seeing single squid.  Do these animals spend the night in deeper waters?  (Note: we covered this same area in boat last night without seeing the squid.)  Are groups of small Sepiots particularly mobile?  (We have not seen the group at Piriatupo again.)

There are lots of jellyfish and at least 3 small Barracudas around here now

8:06 Arcadio finally sees a large group of small Sepiots.  1 1/2 ft up in 4 ft of water over pure TG.  Usual "alarm" reactions to us.  Ord, WS, Y, some Pale center Arms, a trace of DM by one ind.  General Paling by several inds during retreat

NOTE: Smalls in these circumstances give very few P's and even fewer E's.  This seems to be a general rule.

There must be 40+ inds. in this group or sub-group.
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