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Spotted Sandpiper

Black-billed Cuckoo


Red-headed Woodpecker

325 Toxostoma rufum

326 Colinus virginianus

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Saw a few Spotted Sandpipers. One adult and a young one not quite grown flew up at short intervals for quite a distance.  Their notes differed slightly in tone.

Across the track in a very bushy pasture I saw three Black-billed Cuckoos. Two were eating large green worms. One gave a note like [[underlined]] cluck-uk [[/underlined]] several times. They were quite tame.

There were quite a few Chewinks here. One had two songs and used either indefinitely. 

In a pasture on my way home I noted two Red-headed Woodpeckers feeding along a fence. Now they spread out to good feeding grounds wherever they ^[[are]] found. a few coming into town every year. These two adults had a fine location on a breezy little hill with a fence running along the crest.

August 4, Thursday.

325. Toxostroma rufum. A. Wetmore. Old Pasture, North Freedom, Wis iris yellow. maxilla & tip of mandible very dark brown. rest of bill flesh color. tarsus bluish brown. lighter behind. Length 10 3/4 wing 4 1/4 tail 5. [[male symbol]] ad. stomach contents ripe gooseberries.

326. Colinus virginianus. A. Wetmore. Suley's Marsh, North Freedom, Wis, iris cinnamon brown. maxilla nearly to tip bright brown. rest of bill reddish flesh. tarsus flesh color. Length 7 1/4
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