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[[underline]] Altapetes [[/underline]], I 

September 19, 1958
Cerro Punta
= [[underline]] gutturalis [[/underline]] = Yellow-throated Bush-finch.

These birds are quite common around here. 
Single or in pairs, or trios (probably adults with young).  In undergrowth usually,but sometimes come out in open to feed on ground or sit on exposed perches: Less skulking than I expected.

They also seem to join the mixed flocks of Bush-tanagers & warblers - at least temporarily.

They are quite Arremenops-like in general effect, but rather slenderer,less round-bodied.

They do TF's of the usual type, quite like Arremenops but very little or (less probably) nothing in the way of WF's.

The only sound I have ever heard them make is a soft "Tuck", obviously a CN, frequently repeated.

I have caught one bird in the net and put it into a cage.  Quite silent throughout.

=brunnei-nucha=Chestnut-capped Bush-finch

These birds seem to be moderately common a little further down the mountain.  They are very definitely extremely skulking. I have seen none this morning - until one appeared in my net!

I put the bird in the cage and it was quite silent throughout the period it was handled