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^[[ Cabled - Yue - April 22nd - to forward collection to Detroit and wrote him two letters both dated April 22-]]

Po Yuan Tsai,
3 Newchang Road,
1st March 1919.

Freer, Esq.,
Detroit, Mich - U. S. A.

Dear Sir,

I beg to inform you for the past two years, I had been travelling through Peking, Shensi and Honan and various other places and have secured a number of good fine articles of antiquity.  I have not however disposed of these articles and have planned to ship them all to you.

Owing to the disorder resulted form both our internal civil strife and the European War, our business has been very quite for the past several years.

As instructed, I have arranged to have pictures taken of all the articles collected and descriptions of same rendered into English; but owing to the American embargo on articles of antiquity, I have been unable to ship them to you.

I was told however recently the embargo has been raised and am very anxious to get these articles to you so as to relieve a little of the stringency of our business conditions.

I solicit your help very much in disposing of these articles as my financial burden is great in making the original purchases.  Will you not be kind enough to wire me [[strikethrough]] up ree [[/strikethrough] upon receipt of this whether or not I should undertake to ship the goods to you.

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