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^[[recd 28 Dec 66 SPQ-1]]


December 26, 1966

Dr. Helmut K Buechner
Head, Office of Ecology
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, D. C. 20560

Dear Hal:

I am very sorry I could not leave on the planned date. I guess this is the way I am trained for patience in Korean mission.  I have officially postponed a week as you suggested.  My new iterinary is as follows:

Leave Twin City - 9:10 AM, Jan. 2 by NWA 326 y
Arrive Chicago - 10:00 AM, Jan. 2 by NWA 326 y
Leave Chicago - 11:30 AM, Jan. 2 by NWA 3 y
Arrive Tokyo - 5:10 PM, Jan. 3 by NWA 3 y
Leave Tokyo - 10:30 AM, Jan. 4 by NWA 3 y
Arrive Seoul - 12:41 PM, Jan. 4 by NWA 3 y

Leave Seoul - 3:30 PM, Feb. 1 by NWA 6 y
Arrive Tokyo - 5:12 PM, Feb. 1 by NWA 6 y
Leave Tokyo - 10:00 AM, Feb. 3 by JA 2 y
Arrive Honolulu - 9:15 PM, Feb. 2 by JA 2 y
Leave Honolulu - 9:00 AM, Feb. 5 by UA 180 y
Arrive S. Fran. - 3:45 PM, Feb. 5 by UA 180 y
Leave S. Frac. - 6:10 PM, Feb. 5 by WA 528 y
Arrive Twin City - 11:22 P, Feb. 5 by WA 528 y

I have informed the change of my iterinary to Ed in Seoul. I am surely hoping that Ed has gather^[[ed]] all or most of individual proposals together by this time.

As Mr. Park of Korean Embassy speculated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been waiting an official letter from Smithsonian Institution for my Korean mission, since I put down my purpose of visit as an official trip as a consultant to Smithsonian Institution for the DMZ project.  Mr. Park told me that he will probably tell Korean embassador about this matter in order to get "OK" from Korea quickly.  I hope you will talk to officials in Korean embassy (possibly with Mr. Kim, Korean embassador) the importance and urgency of my trip.  You may even consider to send a telegram to Minister of Korean foreigh affairs on this matter.  I am surely hoping that I will be leaving on Jan. 2, as I re-scheduled. 

Thanks for your help.

With my best wishes.


Ke Chung Kim

[[margin]] ^[[Korean Embassy 483-7383 Ext 64 Mr Park]] [[/margin]]
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