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[[image - black & white photograph of nurse holding bowl and spoon, feeding very small child]]

Support of the voluntary hospital is prudent charity. In helping to protect all, the health of each is protected. We all need the hospitals.

[[image - black & white photograph of a waiting room filled to capacity with men, women and children. The women wear dresses and hats, the men in shirt-sleeves. At the far end men in white coats are speaking at small desks with individual people, within ear shot of those waiting their turn. At the back a nurse is standing]]

41,456 New York babies were born in voluntary hospitals in 1936, and received there 469,227 days of treatment and care. This was over ten and one-half per cent more "baby" care than in the previous year. In addition, bed care was given to 59,934 other children under twelve years of age.

4,221,290 visits were made to the clinics of the voluntary hospitals during the year. Ambulance and other emergency cases, treated in addition to these, numbered 241,860. The actual expense of the hospitals for each of these millions of visits averaged $1.09. Yet, the hospitals were reimbursed for less than 44 per cent of this cost.

[[image - black & white photograph of woman looking from bottom of steps up into the camera, she wears dark warm jacket with a high collar, dark gloves, dark cloche hat and carries a satchel style handbag. The ground behind her is covered in snow.]]

Your gift, in cash or securities, will help keep the hospitals available to care for you and yours-for all, rich and poor alike.

[[image -  black & white photograph of female worker attends to two huge glass boots with gauges attached, each surrounding the leg of a young boy who is lying in the hospital bed. The walls behind are bare.]]

The 135 nurses, each making 9 calls per day see a total of 62,854 patients each year; the gray-uniformed Visiting Nurses Association of Brooklyn is a vital part of New York's health defenses. More than 172,800 of these calls to the sick in their homes are made free of charge, where the patient is unable to pay.

"Life must be saved at all costs," say the hospitals. X-ray machines costing up to $7,754, fever cabinets costing up to $750, glass boots, and oxygen tents, are among the essential instruments you may depend on for diagnosis and treatment. Voluntary hospitals represent an investment of over $200,000,000 for defense of health.

[[column one]]
Babies Hospital-Cribside Social Service Committee; Board of Women Managers
Beekman Street Hospital-Social Service Committee
Beth-El Hospital-Women's Auxiliary
Beth Israel Hospital-Social Service Committee; Ladies' Auxiliary
Beth Moses Hospital-Women's Auxiliary, Social Service Committee
Bronx Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary; Esther Ruth Pinkus Association
Brooklyn Home for Consumptives-Board of Managers
Brooklyn Women's Hospital-Flatbush Group
Bushwick Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
Community Hospital-Ladies' Guild
Coney Island Hospital-Social Service Auxiliary
Cumberland Hospital-Social Service Auxiliary
Flower Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
Flushing Hospital-Women's Auxiliary
French Hospital-Women's Auxiliary
Greenpoint Hospital-Social Service Committee
Harlem Hospital-Auxiliary Board of the T. B. Division; Social Service Committee
Hospital of the Holy Family-Ladies' Auxiliary
Hospital for Joint Diseases-Social Service Committee; Ladies' Auxiliary
Hospital for Ruptured & Crippled-Woman's Auxiliary
House of Holy Comforter-Board of Managers
Jamaica Hospital-Women's Auxiliaries
Jewish Hospital of Brooklyn-Women's Auxiliary, Social Service Committee
Jewish Maternity Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
Jewish Memorial Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
Jewish Sanitarium and Hospital for Chronic Diseases-Women's Divisions
Kings County Hospital-Social Service Committee
Kingston Avenue Hospital-Social Service Committee
Knickerbocker Hospital-Women's Committee
Lebanon Hospital-Ladies Auxiliary
Lenox Hill Hospital-Social Service Committee; Hygiene and Health Social Service Committee of Lenox Hill Neighborhood Association
Lincoln Hospital-Social Service Committee
Long Island College Hospital-The Guild
Lutheran Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
Lying-in Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
Mary Immaculate Hospital-United Auxiliaries, Social Service Committee
Memorial Hospital-Social Service Committee
Methodist Episcopal Hospital-Florence Nightingale Federation; Social Service Guild
Metropolitan Hospital-Social Service Auxiliary
Misericordia Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
[[/column one]]

[[column two]]
Montefiore Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary Society; Social Service Committee
Mount Sinai Hospital-Social Service Auxiliary
Neurological Institute-Social Service Committee
New York Eye & Ear Infirmary-Social Service Committee
New York Foundling and St. Ann's Maternity Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
New York Hospital-Social Service Committee
New York Infirmary for Women and Children-Social Service Committee
New York Polyclinic Hospital-Social Service Auxiliary
New York Post Graduate Hospital-Social Service Committee, Babies' Wards Committee, Babies' Wards Guild, Children's Orthopaedic & Surgical Wards Committees, Cardiac Clinic Committee
Norwegian Lutheran Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary, Women's Guild
Presbyterian Hospital-Vanderbilt Clinic Auxiliary
Prospect Heights Hospital-Woman's Auxiliary
Queens General Hospital-Social Service Auxiliary
Reconstruction Hospital-Woman's Auxiliary
Richmond Memorial Hospital-Women's Auxiliary
Rockaway Beach Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
Roosevelt Hospital-Social Service Committee
St. Andrew's Convalescent Hospital-Ladies' Committee
St. Anthony's Hospital-Social Service Auxiliary
St. Catherine's Hospital-Ladies' Aid Society; Hospital Guild
St. Charles Hospital-Hospital Guild
St. Clare's Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
St. Elizabeth's Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
St. John's Hospital, Brooklyn-Social Service Committee
St. John's Hospital, Long Island City-Hospital Guild
St. Joseph's Hospital-Ladies' Aid Society
St. Luke's Hospital-Social Service Committee
St. Mary's Hospital, Brooklyn-Social Service Committee, Ladies' Aid, Junior Auxiliary
St. Peter's Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
St. Vincent's Hospital, Manhattan-Ladies' Auxiliary
St. Vincent's Hospital, Staten Island-Ladies' Auxiliary
Seton Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
Staten Island Hospital-Women's Auxiliary; Social Service Committee
Sydenham-Ladies' Auxiliary; Social Service Committee
Tonsil Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary
Visiting Nurse Association of Brooklyn
West Side Hospital-Woman's Auxiliary
Woman's Hospital-Assistant Board
Wyckoff Heights Hospital-Ladies' Auxiliary, Junior Ladies' Aid Society
[[/column two]]

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