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2 Strathearn Place,
London W.2.

5th October 1953.

Mr. Germain Seligman, 
5 East 57th Street,
New York 22,

Dear Mr. Seligman,

I hve to apologize for not having answered your letter of the 9th September before, but I only returned now from my holiday.

The restorer I had in mind most unfortunately died all of a sudden a few weeks ago.  Mr. Hell, formerly of the Kaiser Friedrich Museum, or Mr. Isepp, formerly Vienna, are both excellent restorers, but do not have a laboratory or workshop where the operation suggested by you can be executed.  I also talked the matter over with Messrs. Drown who work for the National Gallery, who say that they can execute the transfer, but I would not like to entrust them with a restoration of the panel.  There is much less experience in this country of this type of work, and when a similar transfer was contemplated with the Piero della Francesca at the National Gallery a special expert from the United States (Cambridge) had to be called.

Summing up I would say that I do not know of any one particular restorer who could attend to this matter.  I will, however, try to get more information, if possible.

With best regards,
Yours sincerely,
[[signature]] Herbert Bier [[/ signature]] 

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