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New York 22, N.Y.

January 20, 1964

Dear Herbert,

It was pleasant to have heard your voice on the telephone on Saturday night;  but how distressing to learn that worries about your Mother's health prevented you from leaving for your Swiss vacation as planned.

In the expectation of your trip to the Continent I wanted to ask you whether on the way to or fro you wouldn't mind stopping at Liege, Belgium.

As you asked me to, I will explain the reason for this request:

When your friend Grauge was in New York a few weeks ago, he mentioned an alabaster group, [[underline]] "Coronation of the Virgin" [[/underline]], [[footnote 1]] of which by and by he sent me a photograph and suggested I get in tough with a Mr. Jacques JOLUILLE (my interpretation of his bad handwriting), in order to learn its price, for it was he who had proposed that group to him.

I had asked Grange, in view of his vagueness as regards quality, condition, etc., of the sculpture, whether I could communicate with you on this topic, and he answered neither yes nor no, but simply that you too knew this particular [[underline]] JOLUILLE [[/underline]](?). &^[[ [[double underline]] FOLVILLE [[/double underline]] ]]

It would seem to me - in order to avoid all possible misunderstanding - that you first broach the subject to Grange, and should his reaction be favorable, and should you be going to the Continent, that you call on JOLUILLE and ask to see this group.

From the poor photograph I have, it is of a comparatively good size - 55 cm. in height, and 55 cm. in width, and probably English.  Though I am wondering whether it could not be German, late XVth century, or perhaps early XVIth.  It is damaged (particularly the hands and also parts of the draperies and the crowns); I repeat - the photograph is so bad.


[[footnote 1]] ^[[For preceding corresp. RE: this work, see = "grange".]]
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