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No. 2.

"Hwa Yoh Tsing Lan", Mountain Sceneries, painted by Fang Chung Li of the Sung dynasty
1. 61.3" in. w. 39.1" in.
[[short line]]

Fang Chung Li, a native of Hwa Yuan, was skiled in landscape painting, living a retired life up the famous Hwa Shan Mountains, one of the five noted mountain ranges of China. It is a remarkable fact that Fang had painted the surrounding sceneries of his mountain home, all realistic.  In the distance a donkey rider trodding along and across the stream , two persons are enjoying their daily reception together.  The Pass up the Peak is the famous Han Ku Pass of Shensi.

Transcription Notes:
"seeneries" presumably a mispelling of sceneries