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No. 3.

Music Club, painted on silk by Kuo Chung Shu of the Sung dynasty
1. 59.3" in. w. 37.3" in.

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Kuo Chung Shu, also named Kuo Shu Sien, an imperial clerk of the Imperial Art Acadeny of the South Sung dynasty, was skilled in painting landscapes and a pupil of the noted painter Kuan Tung.
This depicts a grand mansion surrounded by water, giving an atmosphere of luzury and ease. In the center there are two men engaged in chess playing; others playing at  zither or other instruments-- the Hall goes by the name of "Spiritual Hall".
Over beyond there were two grand men coming followed ^[[by]] their pages with zithers, apparently to the Music Club. The surrounding scenes are more or less attractive; the old tall pines and other trees and mountain peaks; and then the fishing nets [[strikethrough]] and  [[/strikethrough]] all go to make the scenery an unique one.

Seal of arts collections of the Prince of Yih Tsing Wang was attached.