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^[[S.I. Very powerfully drawn-]]

No. 11.
An Autumn Eve, painted on silk by Ma Ho Chi of the Sung dynasty
[[^L]] [[strikethrough]] h [[/strikethrough]]. 68.4" in. w. 37" in.
[[short horizontal line]]

Ma Ho chi, a native of Hangchow, minister of Public Works of the reigning dynaty, was skilled in painting human figures Buddhas and landscapes, also noted for his plain style.

This depicts a autumn eve scenery written and explained by the famous Chinese author Eoyang Shiu in his popular treatise of An Autumn Eve.

The cottage with Eoyang Tze lying on the bamboo sofa, given to meditation in an autumn eve and a page holding a ^[[b]]groom [[inserted letter lies over the g of groom, suggesting it should be broom]] leaning against the cottage door, listlessly,was seemingly the central object. The four characters "Ma Ho Chi Hwa" signify the fact that this being painted by Ma Ho Chi. This has ^[[been]] purchased at a high price.