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[(initials)] S.I. [(initials)]
Very Important [(under line])
[(underline)] I believe Tang [(underlined)]

No. 18.

Noble Shepherd
^[[Hu Huan]]
painted by Hu Hwai of the Tang dynasty
^[[L]] [[(strikethrough)]] h. [[(strikethrough)]] 61" in w. 41. 4" in.
[[short line]]

^[[notice liberal use of gold and rare colors]]

Hu Hwai of the period of the Five Periods,  noted as painter of horses as well as other sceneries, including desert life.

This work depicts Pu Hsi as shepherd of a herd of sheep.  It has been recorded that during the Wu Ti Emperor's time of the Han dynasty, great expeditions were planned to invade the outlying countries. As military expenses were wanting, Pu Hsi contributed his whole fortune to the nation, specifying that by so doing, no reward was desired.

Thereupon Wu Ti asked him to be the imperial shepherd and entrusted all the imperial stock with him.  Pu Hsi took up the imperial order so faithfully that at end of the year the herd was multiplied many times.  Pu Hsi was conferred the coveted rank of Marquis.

Although known nation wide, Pu Hsi remained a commoner the rest of his life which speaks a good deal ^[[for]] Pu Hsi's democratic ideas as early as the Han period.