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No. 40.
An Old Mountain Temple, painted ^[[by]] Fang Kuan of the Sung dynasty
l. 56.6" in w. 26.4"


Fang Kuan ,also named Chung Li, was skilled in painting [[strikethrough]]land[[/strikethrough]] landscapes. This depicts ^[[wintry]] mountain scenery with a few cottages scattered here and there. In the centre there is an old Temple. The mountain streams are flowing ceaslessly. Only an expert could produce such a masterpiece.

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^[[The fish [[?illegible]] ]]

No. 41.
Swimming Fish, painted by Chao Keh Chun of the Sung dynasty.
l. 34.8" in. w. 17.2"in.


Chao Keh Chun, a member of the Royal House of the Sung dynasty, holding the title of Marquis, was skilled in painting fishes of life-like posture.  This picture depicts a pond, with water plants scattered here and there on the surface of the water; the petals of flowers dropping one by one on the pond, while the fishes are swimming in the water in the most  natural manner.