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No. 42.
Long Eared L^[[o]] Han Buddha, painted by Chien Yih of the Sung dynasty
l.48.1" in. w. 24.6" in.

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Chien Yih, also named Chien Hsi Peh, was skilled in painting  strange looking Lo Han Buddhas. This long eared Buddha has a curious looking face, whose ears measured a little over a foot long. It was one of the eighteen Lo Han Buddhas, whom the Buddhist priests piously worshipped.

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No. 43.
A Study of Birds by Hwang Chu Tsai of the Sung dynasty
^[[L]][[strikethrough]]h[[/strikethrough]]. 80.4" in. w. 25" in.


Hwang Chu Tsai, son of Hwang Chuan, the most noted Chinese painter, having learned the art of painting in family, was later skilled in painting flowers, bamboos and birds, attaining to the highest perfection along that line.

The ability displayed in this work explains for itself and cannot but attract attention of any art lover.

Transcription Notes:
In several places, "Lo Han Buddha" is written so the "o" is almost a subscript below the "L". Appears to be a problem with the typewriter rather than a deliberate spelling, since the same oddity shows in "Long Eared".