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Lo Han Buddhas
by Fang Lung, a Buddhist
l. 329" in. h. 15" in.

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Fang Lung, a monk of the Sung dynasty, was skilled in painting human figures of the black and white finish and also in landscape, following the style of Lee Lung Mei. This work  had been admired by the Kao Tsung Emperor of the Sung dynasty and was fond of attaching comments to Fang Lung's  work.

This depicts a number of Lo Han buddhas, some driving on strange beasts, others carrying  curious loads, all strolling along. The ocean waves are shown to be in uproaring with ferocity. The God of sea life coming to bid the Buddhas welcome. There was also shown crystal palace of the sea goddes.  The picture was meant to illustrate Buddhist legends and was capable of being verified with Buddhists chronicles.

It was recorded that Fang Lang had painted two sets of the Lo Han Buddhas crossing the sea: the present is the better of the two.

Opinion as to its excellence was written by  Yu Yueh, a well known connoisseur of the Tsing dynasty.