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No. 56.
Reading on back of a water buffalo, painted by Hu Yien Lung of Sung dynasty
^[[L]][[strikethrough]]h.[[strikethrough]]. 72" in. w. 39" in.


Hu Yien Lung a native of Ih Chen, province of Kiangsu, a noted painter of human figures as well as landscapes, and also a probationer of the Imperial Art Academy.

This work depicts Lee Mi, the hero of the latter days of the Sui dynasty i. e. prior to its downfall, reading on back of a buffalo with a book hanging down from the buffalo's horn. On the way he met the prime minister of the State who wondered at his (Lee Mi) studiousness , ordered his attendants to reqest Lee  for an interview.

Through this work not only was the artist's ability illustrated but it chronicles one of the most interesting historical events of the Sui age.

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No. 57.
Birds Life in Winter, painted by Ling Chuan.
l. 61.2" in. w. 30" in.


Ling Chuan , a native of Chien Tang, Chekiang, was skilled in painting flowers and birds with light coloring and excellenct designs.

This depicts a group of wild birds perching on the rockeries by the willow trees in winter days.