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No. 95.
Chow Tsu Tsung
h. 1.2 1/2" in. diametre 2.7 1/2" in.

This was excavated at Sianfu, Shensi, and procured by the late Viceroy Tuan Fang. It's named "Tsung" by virtue of the fine decoratiotions engraved thereon and of old ivory color, having strange-colored coat of earth moulds. It's also transparent and to be prized owing to the long age passed without having rendered any defect to the jade.

No. 96.
Chow Hwang (jade circle)
diametre 3.2" in. thickness 5/10" in.

This jade circle is of whitish green with a coat of white earth mould, also translucent.
In time of Chow the monarchs used to present these circles to their ministers upon their starting on a journey, signifying on the part of the monarchs, a wish for speedy return---as a circle and "to return" in Chinese have the same sound in pronunciation. This dates back 2,700 years and a rare jade specimen in the present time.