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No. 103.

Chow Yu Yung (jade figure)
h. 10.5" in. w. 5" in.

This Yu Yung or jade image buried in ancient tombs--common class used wooden ones while the nobles having figures of jade. It was excavated at Lo Yang Honan, and collected by the late Viceroy Tuan Fang. It is of yellowish sun flower color with a heavy coat of earth mould. 
The carving is exquisite and the image dates back over 2000 years.

No. 104.
Jade Fish
l. 11.4" in. w. 4.1" in. thickness 1.5" in.

This was decidedly the world of the Han dynasty, being carved out of jade to resemble the shape of a fish. Both shape and workmanship are unimitable. It is of pure white jade and a coat of white lime substance which indicates its long contact with earth underground. Being excavated from Shanse the jade was secured by the late Viceroy Tuan Fang.