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S. I. 406. American School of Classical Studies in Rome, Supplementary Papers, Volume I
By Henry Herbert Armstrong, et al.
Published by the Macmillan Co., New York, 1905.
American Silversmiths.

S. I. 359. A List of Early American SilverSmiths and their Marks - The Walpole Society.
By Hollis French.

S. I. 946. Amorites, Empire of the
By Albert T. Clay.
Pub. Yale University Press, 1919.

S. I. 374. Amsden, Dora.
Impressions of Ukiyo-ye

S. I. 791. Amtliche Berichte Aus dem Koniglichen Kunstsammlungen (A Periodical)
5 numbers and a duplicate - 6 copies in all.

S. I. 914. "Ancient Egypt."
Edited By W. Flinders Petrie
Pub. quarterly. Year 1914 complete, Year 1916 complete

S. I. 240/241. Anesaki, M. , year 1915, complete.

S. I. 467. Ancient Chinese Vases of the Shang Dynasty.
P. P. Thoms.

S. I. 386. Anson Burlingame and the First Chinese Mission to Foreign Powers.
G. F. W. Williams.
Anuradhapura (See also Ceylon)

S. I. 56. Architectural Remains.
By James G. Smither.
Anderson, Wm. F. R. C. S.

S. I. 65 Pictorial Arts of Japan

S. I. 66 Collection of Japanese and Chinese Paintings in the British Museum

S. I. 766 Japanese Wood Engravings, their history, technique and characteristics - Publ. in the Portfolio - No. 17, May, 1895
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