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S. I. 242.  Appert, G.

                      Ancien Japon
            Archaeological Institute of American Publications

S. I. 46.   Investigations at Assos.
               With explanatory notes by F. H. Bacon.

S. I. 406.  Supplementary Papers of the American School of
            Classical Studies in Rome. Volume I.
S. I. 689/93.Five Papers of the School of American Archaeology,viz:

       S. I. 689. No. 1. The Groundwork of American Archaeology.   
                         By Edgar L. Hewett.
       S. I. 690. No. 3. The Pajaritan Culture.
                         By Edgar L. Hewett.        
       S. I. 691. No. 5. The Excavations at Tyuonyi, New Mexico.
                    in 1908.
                          By Edgar L. Hewett.

       S. I. 692. No. 10.The Excavations at El Rito de lost Frijoles in 1909.
               By Edgar L. Hewett.

       S. I. 693. No. 13. Documentary History of the Rio Grande
                    Pueblos of Mexico.
                    Bibliographic Introduction by 
                          Adolph F. Bandelier.

S. I. 694.     S. I. 694. Two Seasons' Work in Guatemala.
                                 By Edgar L. Hewett.  

Transcription Notes:
There should be a space between; "689/93." and "Five Papers", "American Archaeology," and "viz:", and "10." and "The Excavations"

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