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Bronze -- Nearer East.

S. I. 28. Die Ausstellung von Meisterwerken Muhammedampcher Kunst in Munchem 1910. (In 3 vols. with S. I. 27 and 29.)
By F.R. Martin and F. Sarre.

S. I. 200. Volume II of Manuel D'Arts Musulman (in two volumes -- "Les Arts Plastiques et Industriels."
By Gaston Migeon.

S. I. 659. Brush and Pencil. August, 1903.
Special Whistler Number.

S. I. 468/478. Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and Engravers (in twelve parts, bound in eleven volumes.)
Edited by Robert E. Graves of the British Museum.
Published by Dodd, Mead & Co., New York.

S. I. 729. Brinckmann, Dr. Justus.

S. I. 1047 Brockhaus, Albert: Netsuke

S. I. 100 Brown, Major R.H.
Fayum and Lake Moeris.

S. I. 917. The Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences Bulletins.
Volume VI, No. 13, April 15, 1911.
Article on the Evans collection.

S. I. 1032 Brown, Bolton
Published by Fitzroy Carrington,
New York, 1923.
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