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Indian Art-Continues from Page 197:
S.I. 186. History of Fine Art in India and Ceylon.
By Vincent A. Smith.
S.I. 187. The Treasure of the Oxus.
By O. M. Dalton.
S.I.188/189. Buddhist Art in India. (2 copies.)
By A. Grunwedel.
Translated into English from German copy-See S. I. 700. Buddhist Art in India.
By A. Grunwedel. **in German.
For translation-See S.I.188/189.
S.I. 701. Examples of Indian Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Handicraft, &c. chosen by Ananda K. Commaraswamy. 12 reporductions-Part I.
S.I.1014 Mediaeval Sinhalese Art by A. Commaraswamy
S.I. 854. Old Indian Art.
Lecture by Percy Brown.
S.I. 939.924. Handbook of The Museum of Fine Arts. (2 copies)
Section of Indian [[?]].
S.I. 31992. Exhibition of Sculpture and Paintings of Ancient India. Sales catalogue-Kevorkian Gall. Illustrated.
S.I.1008. Catalogue of the Indian Collections in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
by A. Coomaraswamy
S.I.1009. The Indian Craftsman
by A. Coomaraswamy
S.I.1011. Notes on Jaina Art
By A. Coomaraswamy
S.I.1012. Notes on Kandyan Art
by A. Coomaraswamy
S.I.1016. Portfolio of Indian Art
by A, Coomaraswamy
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