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Indian Painting 

S.I. 7/8. Paintings in the Buddhist Case-temples of Ajanta, Khamdeah, India. (In two volumes.)
   By John Griffiths. 

S.I. 9/10. Ajanta Frescoes. Reproductions in color and monochrome. 
   By Lady Herringham and assistants during 1909- 
   1911. (In two volumes.) 

S.I. 47/48. Indonesian Art. (2 copies.)
   By C.M. Pleyte.

S.I. 174/175. Rajput Painting. (In two volumes.)
   By Ananda K. Coomaraswamy. 

S.I. 184. Indian Sculpture and Painting
   By E.B. Havell.

S.I. 815. La Peinture en Orient et en Extreme-Orient.
   By M. Marquis de Tressau. 

S.I. 852. Correspondence Pertaining to, and Catalogue of, the H.B. Hanna Collection of Indo-Persian Pcitures and Manuscripts 

S.I. 853. Catalogue of Persian, Mogul and Indo-Mogul Pictures Comprising the Collection of P.C. Manick, Esq.

S.I. 854 Old Indian Art. 
   Lecture by Percy Brown 

S.I.1010 Indian Drawings II
   by A. Coomaraswamy

S.I.1025 Indischen Miniaturen im Schlosse Schonbrunn, Die
   by Josef Strzygowski
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